Support Jonathan and the World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading organization in conservation. They work in 100 countries and are supported, worldwide, by nearly 5 million people. The WWF has many goals, including the protection of species which, ultimately, protect the survival of other species (ourselves, included). The WWF focuses, closely, on species such as tigers, rhinos, whales, and marine turtles.

Protecting marine animals, in particular, is essential to the survival of our planet and, subsequently, of us. Oceans provide more than 1/6 of the world’s food. If we allow endangered marine animals to go extinct, we run the risk of upsetting a balance that we rely on for our own survival.

The protection of species, combined with other goals such as conservation, the tackling of climate change, and the development of scientific solutions make the World Wildlife Fund a worthy cause.

This April, my boyfriend, Jonathan Fitzgerald, will climb 1,776 steps in the 22nd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb. The money he raises will go directly to the World Wildlife Fund and will help protect species at risk, like tigers, rhinos, and whales and their habitats. His goal is $500. Help Jonathan reach his goal and show your support of species at risk by making a contribution, big or small, to this incredible cause. Jonathan’s Personal Page.

Thank you for your support!



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