Social Media: Royal LePagers Leading the Fray

In an age when more than 750 million people are active Facebook users, and Twitter with 21 million, Royal LePage is proud of the headway we’ve made in social media arena.. As one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective ways to get your messages out to mass audiences, Web 2.0, as it is often referred to, has opened the doors for two-way communication. This concept makes information, which was once static, open for conversation and input.

As social media becomes increasingly engrained in our culture, it is essential to keep on top of the trends and participate in social networking on a business level as well as a personal one. Here at Royal LePage, our REALTORS® and real estate professionals are doing just that.

Our Facebook “fan page”, which has over 1,000 followers, is just one of the many ways in which our network engages with each other and their clients. Through the use of Facebook, REALTORS® can be kept up-to-date on Royal LePage news and share interesting ideas and concepts with their personal networks.

Similarly, our official Twitter micro-blog boasts a follower count of over 4,000 people and businesses. Twitter allows us to distribute industry-related information which we feel will benefit or be of particular interest to our followers. Our tweets are often, if not always, newsworthy and are regularly re-tweeted. Re-tweeting, or reposting information, is a best practice on Twitter and allows you to get a better idea of who is engaging with you.

One way that Royal LePage strives to engage consumers with the use of social media is through the “My Great Neighbourhood” contest. This contest, which is in its second year, allows consumers to explain, through video, photo, and/or written word, why they love their neighbourhood. The top three entries win cash prizes.  Entries can be posted to Facebook or Twitter to drive traffic to the contest site and, ultimately, increase contest participation.

With the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) being approved by the Canadian Real Estate Association later this year, REALTORS® and real estate professionals will have even more reasons to engage with consumers through social media. The IDX allows consumers to view all available listings in an area, regardless of what real estate company they are from. With this change, it will be easier than ever to share data with clients and potential clients.

Our REALTORS® are leading the way by using social media within their own networks. It is especially important to remember that your best resource for boosting your business is each other. Networking is invaluable and allows you to spread your message to an audience you may, otherwise, have been unable to reach. Of course, a best practice today may be old news by tomorrow. You must be prepared for this. Change is inevitable and welcomed. Web 2.0 is constantly shifting and changing and, with it, so will we.

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