Prepare your home properly for a pet

Introducing a pet into your home may not be as difficult as you think. “Pets enrich our lives and bring happiness to our homes, but careful preparation is necessary for such a commitment,” says Steve Gray, a broker with Royal LePage Kelowna in Kelowna, British Columbia. “You can make the process easier with a few helpful tips.”

Gray recommends the following:

1. Consider a crate for your pet. Most pets do not come trained and they certainly don’t know what’s safe to chew. By crating your pet when you are away, you ensure that your possessions are left intact and your pet’s safety is put first. In addition to protecting your belongings, crating your pet will encourage good behaviour during the most formative years.

2. Secure your kitchen cabinets. There are many kitchen items that are deadly to animals. Contact your veterinarian for a list of these products and secure your cabinets with child-proof locks. Keep your trash can tightly lidded.

3. Make sure your heating and air vents have adequate covers. If you are bringing home a ‘pocket pet,’ such as a hamster or guinea pig, you may be surprised at the tiny areas your new friend can squeeze into. By placing closely-grated covers on your vents, you ensure the safety of your pet. You also prevent fur and hair from clogging your air ducts and decreasing your home’s overall efficiency.

If you are ready to make a commitment to pet ownership, these small and simple home preparations can make the transition much less complicated. More ideas on preparing your home for sale or enjoyment can be found online at



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