Nameless Arizona Man, Animal Hero, Faith Restorer

With all the depressing news I often hear about animal welfare, it’s nice to come across a story like this every once in a while. An anonymous donation from an Arizona man, in the amount of $2 million, was given to the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA recently. Not only does it give me hope for homeless and abandoned animals, but for the human race as well. It’s encouraging to see a donation of that magnitude, but it is also nice to see the capacity for modesty (he preferred to remain anonymous). He wasn’t looking to be recognized as some sort of hero.

AAWL is kind of like the limbo of the animal world. They are the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in Arizona. They take in animals who are most at risk for being put to sleep through euthanasia and give them a chance they otherwise would not have had. Some kind soul saw the potential in these ‘last chance’ canines and felines and didn’t stop trying even when things looked grim. It really puts things into perspective when you put yourself in the shoes, or rather, the paws of these furry friends. Things could be so much worse. In the eyes of an abused or neglected animal, the possibility of imminent death is all too real. At least I have a few luxuries I can sacrifice before that becomes my reality.

The anonymous donation will go to help place over 5,000 animals in new and loving homes this coming year and build a new facility to house more homeless cats and dogs. While I believe that every little bit helps, it’s hard to ignore such selfless generosity. Nameless Arizona man, animal hero, faith restorer: be mine.



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