Disgusting Dining

Warning! The content of this video is graphic and may/should be disturbing to most viewers. Watch at your own risk!

According to the information provided by the YouTube subscriber, Chinese chefs have developed a way to deep-fry fish without killing them. Subsequently, diners can enjoy their favourite deep-fried fish while it is still alive and writhing (in pain) on their plate. If this weren’t designed as a professional blog, the next few sentences consist of profanities.

Firstly, I have to ask how any person, in their right mind, would enjoy eating moving food? If we (as humans) are going to claim that we are separated from the animal world because of our compassion and etiquette, we are certainly not exercising those traits in this instance. Animals eat their food live because they have no other choice. We do!

Secondly, not only would it be extremely painful for the animal to go through a deep-fryer without succumbing to death, but to put it under the knife immediately afterwards seems purely cruel. It boggles my mind. How can someone feel okay about eating something that is experiencing undue and unnecessary torture?

Ultimately, this fish is a living, breathing, feeling creature. Let’s put ourselves in the fish’s shoes/fins for a second, here. You’ve been scooped from the ocean/lake to become someone’s dinner. That, alone, is a fate none of us would be too thrilled about. However, your troubles have only just begun. You are kept alive on the way to your restaurant destination, where chefs deep fry your body in some new fashion that allows you to survive. The scalds and burns on 90% of your body are excruciating and you simply want to be put out of your misery. This seems bad enough, but no, it’s not over yet! Now you are garnished and put on a plate for someone to tear and consume your flesh before your eyes.

We call animals barbaric and lacking intelligence. Yet, things like this make US look barbaric. How are we any different or better than the animals we call savage when we do things like this?

I was a vegetarian for seven years and have only recently returned to the world of meat-eating. I am not saying that eating meat is atrocious, but this kind of behaviour is cruel and unusual. Ultimately, it is inhumane. The word “human” is the root-word of the word “humane” and, according to Dictionary.com, “takes into account only the nobler or gentler aspects of people and is often contrasted to their more ignoble or brutish aspect. A humane person is benevolent in treating fellow humans or helpless animals; the word once had also connotations of courtesy and refinement.”

This behaviour is completely unrefined and certainly brutish. We cannot expect to separate ourselves from the savage animal world if we are unwilling to rise above it. The bottom line? This is vile.



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