Why you should adopt your next pet from a shelter

5245317540_4fed5062c2_zIn 2010, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies admitted 143,218 dogs, cats and other animals into its country-wide shelters and facilities. Of those admitted, 51,700 were euthanized, either due to overcrowding, lack of resources or physical or behavioural problems. 1,244 died in shelters.

Many animals wind up in shelters as a direct result of irresponsible breeding and a lack of education surrounding pet ownership.

Is a new pet on your wish list this holiday season? Here are several reasons to adopt your next pet from a shelter versus buying from a breeder:

  • Animals raised by irresponsible breeders have often been brought up in deplorable conditions, receiving improper medical care and having little to no human contact
  • Female dogs, used for the purpose of breeding, have been known to be kept confined to cages and bred, repeatedly, without time for recovery; once a female is no longer able to produce, she is killed or sold at auction
  • Animals from reputable shelters are given a clean bill of health upon adoption
  • You are saving a life; refer to the statistics provided by the CFHS, above
  • Adopting a pet from a shelter is cost-efficient; many shelters provide essential pet services, such as neutering or spaying, de-worming, vaccinations and flea treatments that you would, otherwise, have to pay for; your adoption fee covers these services
  • The love you receive from a shelter animal, one that recognizes he or she has been saved, is unlike any other love you will ever experience: completely and wholly unconditional

Before you start researching breeders or visiting pet stores, consider the facts, above.

Do you have space, in your heart, for a shelter dog, cat or small animal? For more information on shelter animals, available in the Toronto region, visit http://www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt.htm.



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